Advantages of Using a Queen Bed Mattress That Is Made of Coir

Queen Bed Mattress

It may seem really easy, but actually, it is not. Yes! We are talking about shopping for a brand new coir mattress. With so many different kinds of mattresses available in the market, it has become tricky to choose the right one. One after the other brand new mattresses are hitting the market. A queen bed mattress can help you attain good and peaceful sleep at night. If your mattress is not good, then you are going to have difficulty in sleeping. So, it is very essential to shop for the right quality mattress.

Now, you might be wondering which type of mattress is going to suit you the best, isn’t it? Well, it totally depends on the kind of sleeper you are and the kind of preferences you have. Top mattress brands in India offers a wide range of mattresses to their users. Of all the materials used to manufacture mattresses, coir is easily one of the best in the business.

So, today we are going to discuss coir mattresses and the benefits of using it. Keep reading our blog to know more about it.

Queen bed mattress

What is Coir Mattress?

A coir mattress is also known as a rubberized coir mattress that is usually made of natural fibers. Coir mattresses are usually made of coconut coir or plant-based fibers like cotton. These are the primary materials that are generally used in order to make coir mattress. Once made, the mattress is covered with premium material to offer a smooth feel. When compared with memory foam mattresses, coir mattresses have a lot of benefits. From better air circulation to more durability, coir mattresses can offer more value for money purchase. Coir helps to make a good mattress for side sleepers.

A great reason to invest in a coir mattress is it’s breathable and hygroscopic nature. That means air circulation is more facilitated more in it. Coir mattresses are an ideal choice for summer when the temperatures rise and it is really hot.

Different Types of Coir Mattresses

Top mattress brands in India offer two major types of coir mattresses – hybrid and rubberized. Both these two kinds of mattresses come with their own set of features and characteristics. Take a detailed look at them in this section.

Queen bed mattress

Hybrid Coir Mattress – almost every coir mattress is a kind of hybrid mattress because, without a secondary material, it cannot deliver the right comfort. Hybrid coir is a mattress that is made of coconut fiber and foam as the two main materials. The foam used, can be polyurethane or memory foam as well.

Rubberized Coir Mattress – the second kind of coir mattress is highly dense in nature and rubberized. This adds a bit of more bounce to the mattress. Rubberized coir mattresses use latex or rubber as the secondary material. That is why you experience the extra bounce. These can deliver great durability and strength.

Benefits of Using Mattress Made of Coir

Coir mattresses have been used for a very long time. They have stood the test of time and come out as a great material for building reliable and comfortable mattresses. Here are the top benefits of using a coir mattress.

Eco-Friendly Nature – a coir mattress is made of natural fibers that are 100% organic. These are generally derived from coconuts and that is why they are eco-friendly. No harmful and synthetic chemicals are used to make this mattress. So, there is no risk of off-gassing. You tend to feel more relaxed and satisfied by using a product that is completely eco-friendly.

Hygroscopic Nature – since coir mattresses are made of coconut coir, air circulation is easily facilitated in these. They can absorb moisture quickly and thus offers better comfort when compared to memory foam mattresses. If you sweat a lot when sleeping, then coir mattress should be your essential choice. The humid air absorbed from the surrounding can help to keep the mattress moisture-free at all times. It suits the hot and humid Indian temperatures.

Hygroscopic Nature

Resistant to Dirt, Dust, and Moths – one of the best characteristics of coir mattress is being hypo-allergenic. That simply means it can keep away all kinds of dust mites, dirt, and other allergic elements from the mattress. Moths and other bacteria stay away from the mattress. So, your mattress stays clean and hygienic longer. It is a great feature to have if you are really sensitive to all these kinds of allergens.

Final Words – having said all of this, you can now clearly see why a coir mattress is so much popular in India. Not only coir makes the best mattress for side sleepers but delivers a lot of other features that everyone loves. So what are you waiting for? Head to the website of top brands and check out the products they offer.

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