Why Wakefit ortho mattresses are the best in the market?

ortho mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses have gained huge popularity in the Indian market. People love using this mattress because they offer some really amazing benefits. A lot of people are affected by back pain, muscle ache, and other muscular issues that affect their lifestyle. Using an old and fragile mattress for a long period of time affects your body in the worst manner. But, when you use a wakefit ortho mattress, you tend to get more relief and better support.

Orthopaedic mattresses are designed to offer the users extravagant comfort levels. This is true especially for those who are suffering from arthritis. The material used to make these mattresses is usually memory foam. The best benefit of this material is its viscoelastic nature that offers the “sinking” effect. When you lie on this mattress for back pain, the material envelops around the body to offer support.

Wakefit manufactures some of the best ortho memory foam mattresses in India. They are a big name in the industry and for many years the brand has delivered amazing products. So, if you are planning to buy an ortho mattress, you can turn to Wakefit. They are the best in the segment. Why? Keep reading to know more.

ortho memory foam mattresses in India

Benefits of Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattresses

Of all the brands manufacturing ortho mattress, Wakefit has made a name for itself. They offer some of the best orthopedic mattresses that suit different kinds of budget. If you want to know why a Wakefit ortho mattress is a great investment, take a look at these few points –

Great Comfort & Support – the two most crucial factors that determine the quality of your mattress are – comfort and support. When you want to buy an ortho mattress, it is vital that it offers the best comfort to the users. Wakefit mattresses make use of memory foam that helps to increase overall comfort quality. When you lie on the mattress, it molds itself around the body and offers precise cushioning.

That is why your muscles and joints feel more relaxed and you can sleep in peace. At the same time, because of such fantastic support, you start to feel less pain over time. After a few days, it will be completely gone. Memory foam also makes for the best mattress for side sleepers. Due to the perfect level of firmness and cushioning, side sleepers can experience more support. This helps to alleviate body pain.

Perfect Posture – while sleeping, it is crucial to maintain a proper sleeping position. When you are sleeping in an uncomfortable or weird position it can affect the spine and other body parts. Not all mattresses can help you attain a comfortable sleeping position. But, wakefit ortho mattress can. Yes! The superb quality of the mattress and the material used to make it shapes the body in the best position. The good balance in firmness and cushioning helps to keep the spine aligned over the surface. It does not bend. So, you feel more relaxed. As your posture improves over time, your body tends to become more active than before. That is why a wakefit ortho mattress is not only the best mattress for back sleepers but for everyone.

best mattress for back sleepers

Durable And Hypo-Allergenic – other than delivering the best comfort, and support, wakefit ortho mattresses are really durable. The average lifespan of these mattresses is anywhere between 10 – 12 years. If you take care of them properly, then they can last for even longer. That is why Wakefit makes the best orthopaedic mattress in India. If you can use a mattress for 10 – 15 years without any issues with the quality, it is a great investment. It offers true value return in the form of comfort and relentless support. They have the most durable mattress for back sleepers.

Also, the wakefit ortho mattress is hypo-allergenic. That means, it can keep a wide range of allergens away from the mattress. These are resilient to bed mites, pollens, and dust particles which can cause an allergic reactions in some people. Over time, years of usage can accumulate a lot of these allergens on the surface. So, people allergic to these cannot use the mattress. But, with Wakefit ortho mattress, there’s no risk of such allergic reactions.

These are the few amazing reasons why Wakefit ortho mattresses are so popular. You can go through their different variants on their website right now and choose the best one.

Final Words – shopping for the best memory foam mattress in India can be tricky. Especially if you are looking for orthopaedic features in it. However, Wakefit has successfully designed such mattresses and already launched them. They are the best in their segment and available in the different price ranges. What are you waiting for? Visit Wakefit official website and find out the best mattress for side sleepers.

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