Picking Out The Mattresses And Pillow According to Your Sleeping Position

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As a child, we could sleep in any position we felt like, we were not really bothered about the Right Sleeping Position and posture. But, as grown-up adults, it is very much important that we maintain a right and comfortable posture. In order to maintain a good sleeping position, you will need a very high-quality mattress to sleep on. You can also use the best mattress for back pain if you are suffering from serious issues.

Every individual likes to sleep in different sleeping positions. There are at least 8 very much recognizable sleeping positions. But, among them, the three major ones include – back, side, and stomach. It is found that the best sleeping position is the one that the person finds the most comfort. You can use an orthopaedic mattress to revamp it.

So, are you confused about choosing the right mattress for your sleeping position? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. In this blog, we will tell you which mattress and pillow are ideal for you according to your sleep posture.

 orthopaedic mattress

Mattress For Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, then you adopt a curvier position than others. That is why pressure relief is much more important for you. No one wants to put a lot of strain and pressure on their shoulders day after day. When you sleep on your side, a recessed area is formed between the mattress and your body. It is vital that the mattress fill up these gaps and offer full support to the body when you are sleeping.

A firm mattress is essentially required if you are a side sleeper. It can also help to spread the weight more uniformly in order to eliminate any kind of discomfort and muscle pain. In most cases, side sleepers need an orthopedic mattress that is around 3 inches thick.

Mattress For Back Sleepers

Best mattress for back pain is available in different categories in the market. When you are sleeping on your back, your arms rest in the best position. A lot of people consider this to be the most convenient and comfortable sleeping position because the body is placed well. As a child, your parents must have taught you to sleep on your back and not indifferent other positions. Many parents still do that. Even though a lot of people follow this position, it is associated with snoring and sleep apnea majorly.

If you are a back sleeper, then you would want to use a mattress that offers the best spinal alignment to you. Your spine should not remain curved for a long time. Too much strain on the spine leads to significant pain and muscle ache to the back. A mattress that is firm and can envelop itself around the body can be used for this purpose. Memory foam mattresses are a great solution for back sleepers currently.

Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

The only proven benefit of sleeping on your stomach is reduced snoring levels. There is a list of disadvantages that are associated with this sleeping position. However, many people find it truly comfortable and they sleep like that for the rest of their lives. It is essential that you buy the right mattress in order to minimize the negative effects that are involved with it. As a stomach sleeper, you should never sleep on a very soft or firm mattress layer.

Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Yes! This can cause pain and discomfort around the lumbar area. A think and slightly firm mattress are ideal for you. There can be no more than 1 inch of the soft layer in order to provide a comfortable cushioning around the bony areas of the body. At the same time, there should also be a good firmness for support. You can choose to use a mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort over the mattress you use.

How To Choose The Right Pillow?

Before you choose the best pillow along with your mattress from the top mattress brand online in India, here are some pro tips –

●        Check the overall softness levels of the pillow. Your pillow should be comfortably soft and not overstuffed with the material. This can make it tough and uncomfortable to use.

●        Choose the thickness of the pillow according to the kind of sleeper you are. Stomach sleepers can choose a flatter pillow whereas side sleepers can opt for a loftier pillow in order to keep the back and spine aligned always.

●        Many people sweat a lot and tend to feel hotter. That is why they want the pillow to remain cool. For them, a pillow with gel-infused material can be the best way to attain good sleep.

Final Words – do check out the points that we have discussed in this blog. Top mattress brands online in India offer a wide range of mattresses to you. Make sure to find out the product that can satisfy your preferences the best and offers the features you actually need.

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