What are the 5 different types of mattresses that you can buy?

types of mattresses

A mattress is much more important than you can imagine. If you didn’t have a nice sleep last night, it might be because your mattress is not of the right quality. Or it has grown old and weak. Whatever the reason might be, a good quality types of mattresses is always essential for getting good sleep.

It allows your body to rest in the optimal position and helps to release pressure. That is why you don’t feel any fatigue or pain around your muscles. A really good mattress is also resilient to allergens, liquid spills, etc. It is high time that you buy mattress bed online and provide yourself with a proper sleep at night.

If you are planning to buy a new mattress, then there are various options available. Each of the mattress types come with their own set of benefits and features. So, you have to make your purchase based on that. Read our blog to know about 5 important kinds of mattresses that we believe are the best in the market.

Memory Foam – whenever we are talking about bed mattresses, the first type that comes to our mind is memory foam. For those of you who are looking for excellent support and comfort, specifically for side sleepers, memory foam mattresses are the best options you have.

memory foam mattresses

Memory foam is a premium material that can actually mould itself around your body. Thus, allowing it to attain the perfect posture and keep the spine aligned properly. Not only that, but it also comes with a temperature control feature. It becomes softer around the areas of your body which inflict higher temperature, thus giving those areas a rest they actually need. Memory foam is resilient to dust mites and does not allow them to accumulate.

Gel Mattress – gel mattresses are another really popular type that is popular in the market. The gel is usually included in a foam mattress as extra support or to make the upholstery layer.

Gel has a quite different feel and build quality when compared to a memory foam mattress. It can however absorb and transfer the body heat more efficiently. In case you don’t like the way a few foam mattresses deal with temperature control, gel mattresses can be a good solution. Both the mattresses are almost equally priced.

Pillow Tops – a lot of people who do not like memory foam or gel alternatives, usually choose to pillow top mattress. Pillow tops are actually the extra layer of upholstery that gets added to the top of the mattress. These are really soft and cozy, which delivers a “sinking” feeling whenever you sit or lie down on them.

It helps to facilitate back alignment and helps to prevent any kind of fatigue or pain. Pillow top mattress can be customized according to the amount of softness you need. These are used with coil or innerspring mattresses.

Innerspring Mattress – also known as coil mattress, innerspring takes the help of internal support of metal springs. It is really easy to decide the quality of support you are going to get from an innerspring mattress. Just count the number of coils that have been used to make it.

memory foam mattresses

The overall distribution of the coils can also affect the comfort and support levels. When you will buy a mattress bed online, do check out the various spring shapes, sizes, and gauges that have been used. Consult with an expert if required, to get hold of the perfect mattress.

Water Bed – as the name suggests, a water bed mattress really does consist of water. Yes! It uses water as the main support system. The water bed comes in the form of a rectangular chamber which is filled with water. It gets padded with upholstery foam and fibers.

The water is loaded in a free-flow chamber or in a limited-flow chamber. In a free flow chamber, the water moves freely without any obstruction and a limited-flow chamber used fibre to limit the movement of water. Overall, it is cosy and quite comfortable but does not deliver the same level of performance as memory foam.

So, these are the 5 major types of mattresses that you should be aware of. Apart from these, there are many more different kinds of mattresses like – Latex, Hybrid, Futon, etc. All of them offer you unique benefits.

Final Words – sleep is one of the most important tasks that you have to accomplish on a daily basis. A good night’s sleep ensures better energy, health, and fitness levels. Loss of sleep can seriously affect the positive aspect of your life and harm your body in many ways.

That is the reason why you have to invest in a premium quality mattress if you want a sound sleep every night. You can choose any types of mattresses based on your preferences, and provide yourself with a very comfortable experience.

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