The right mattress for your sleeping position

Best Mattress for sleeping position

Everyone has different sleeping positions. While some prefer sleeping on their sides, others like to sleep on their back. Furthermore, there are folks who like to rest on their stomach.  Each of us has a certain preference when it comes to sleeping position. One position may be comfortable for someone, while it may not be so for the other.  

Regardless of how you sleep, it’s important to choose the right mattress that precisely matches your sleeping style. Here, we will be mentioning the best mattress for the best sleeping position

Types of Sleeping Position and Mattresses   

As mentioned earlier, one should always select a mattress as per their preferred sleeping position. Not only does it provide them with better sleep, but also keeps them active throughout the day. Sleep is an important activity for any individual. It gives both the mind and the body the amount of rest it needs to function at its optimum levels.  

Here, we have provided important information regarding the most common sleeping positions and the mattresses that one should buy for them.  

Tummy Sleeper  

These are some of the rarest, but best sleeping positions at present. As this position suggests, tummy sleepers sleep face down on their stomach. Therefore, their mattresses should be hard, have higher buoyancy and high-density foam. Moreover, it should be a latex mattress made with natural cotton, bamboo, or other similar materials. Effectively, it must have adequate airflow. This will allow the sleeper to be comfortable without hurting their posture or body.  

Back Sleeper  

sleeping position

Choosing a mattress for a back sleeper can be pretty tough as not many people like to see the roof while resting down. Hence, such sleepers should go for a medium-firm memory foam mattress. These mattresses are neither hard nor too soft. However, they have just the right medium texture, which is overall great for such sleeping positions. Likewise, the mattress should be capable of grasping your body shape easily. Make sure to buy the right type of pillows as well. Using a hard pillow can easily hamper the body posture and cause back pains.  

Side Sleeper  

One of the most common sleeping positions that are followed by almost 80% of the population is side sleeping. Mattress for side sleepers should be long-lasting, breathable, and not too hard. Therefore, they can go for either memory foam, open-cell memory foam, or a latex mattress. It is better to avoid Coir and Bonner Spring Mattress, as both of them are quite firm in quality.  


In summary, these are some of the mattresses that would surely help to match the type of sleeper you are. They will enable you to get sound sleep and will further render adequate airflow to reduce the stress from your body. Buying the right mattress for your sleeping style can surely help you to have a good start and end to the day.   

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