The Right Bed For Your Memory Foam Mattress

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You put a lot of effort and research into finding the right mattress for yourself. You check the firmness, the support, the material (in case you have any allergies) and the brand to ensure that you don’t have any quality issues. The mattress warranty is also an important consideration. 

Choosing the right mattress is, however, just part of the challenge. The other aspect, which is equally important, is choosing the right bed for your mattress. Let us find out which is the right bed for your memory foam mattress

Importance of the Right Foundation

The right foundation for your bed is important because the lifespan of your mattress depends on it. You get the right support and are protected from dirt and pests. 

Sagging is a risk with the wrong bed frame for your memory foam mattress. This would lead to the wrong alignment of the spine and back problems. 

Your mattress warranty would be valid if you use the right foundation. 

Right Bed For Your Memory Foam Mattress

The Right Bed For Your Memory Foam Mattress

Here are some beds which would be the right fit for your memory foam mattress

1. Platform Bed

One of the best fits for a memory foam mattress would be a platform bed. The base of these beds is very sturdy and broad. They are made of heavy material compared to other beds. They provide a ventilated plywood. You don’t need extra support like a box spring. They are lower in height compared to regular beds. If the height of the bed needs to be raised, a mattress foundation can be used. 

Different sizes are available like king size, queen size, and full-size bed. 

2. Slatted Bed

Another bed frame that will support your memory foam mattress would be a bed frame that has slats. These are lighter in weight compared to platform beds. Assembling a slatted bed is easier, and the height is greater than platform beds. The space between the wooden slats should not be greater than 5 to 10 cm. This will ensure that the mattress is well supported. 

The slats are flexible and bend with the weight of the sleeper. You benefit from this because the lifespan of your mattress is extended. It also makes sleeping more comfortable, and it is also beneficial for your back. 

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3. Metal Beds

Another choice when it comes to your memory foam mattress would be a metal bed. Compared to a wooden bed, a metal bed needs less maintenance as they are not affected by pests or allergens like wooden beds

Your weight will not be an issue for metal beds. The beds are rectangular in design with a grid. You don’t get a headboard or footboard with a metal bed. 

However, as the 3 inches or less rule cannot be followed for metal beds, there are possibilities of early indentation and sagging.

Foundation for Good Sleep

Your quality of sleep depends to a great extent on the mattress and the bed frame. Only when the two complement each other do you get the best quality of sleep. Sleep better; feel better!

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