Know The Different Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring Mattress

Different types of mattresses suit different kinds of sleepers. If you are a back sleeper, then the innerspring mattress would be the right kind of mattress for you. Of course, just like any other type of mattress, before you buy a mattress, you need to check it for firmness, support, quality, price, and warranty being offered. 

Understanding an Innerspring Mattress

Before finding out the different types of innerspring mattress , it is important to know what an innerspring mattress actually is.

There are 3 components in an innerspring mattress: 

1. Foundation

 different types of innerspring mattress

This is the lowest layer of an innerspring mattress. The material used is wool. The coils which are part of the core of the mattress are supported by the foundation or primary structure. 

2. Core

The middle layer or core forms the main pillar of the innerspring mattress as this is where you will find the coils and springs. The coils and springs vary in number. However, as a rule of thumb, the number of springs and thickness of the coils are directly related to the quality of support. The greater, the better. 

With advances in coil technology, you have individual coils that are encased in steel or titanium. These coils lead to better body contouring and lesser stress on the pressure points. This also ensures less motion transfer compared to other categories of coils. 

3. Comfort Layer:

This is the topmost layer of the innerspring mattress. There is usually a layer of fibre or foam covering the core layer to ensure that you sleep comfortably.

Types of Innerspring Mattresses

Different Types of Innerspring Mattresses

Now that you know what an innerspring mattress is, here are the different types of innerspring mattresses. Check mattress offers before you buy one. 

1. Continuous coils

These mattresses have an S-shaped coil that is a single, interlinked wire. This makes them more durable. 

2. Bonnell

These coils have an hourglass shape and resemble a helix when assembled. They are in the medium price range. 

3. Offset

This type of mattress is less noisy compared to other mattresses. The top and bottom edges of the spring are flattened, which ensures that they follow the contours of the body. They are durable and provide good support. 

4. Marshall or Pocketed Coil

These coils are not interlinked; they act independently. They are also known as encased or wrapped coils. The coil gauge or thickness of the coils has a direct impact on the surface. Thinner coils lead to softer surfaces, and thicker coils lead to firmer surfaces.

Pocketed Coil

Mattresses for a Healthier Sleeping Experience

If you are a back sleeper, then an innerspring mattress might be just the mattress you need for a refreshing night’s sleep. But, with the internet at your disposal, make sure that you read up on the features, price etc. and whether all these match your requirements. So, check the best online mattress and find out if it suits your budget. Sleep right; feel great!

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